Habituation Works Both Ways

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Many issues begin to take hold slowly and insidiously at first.  When under stress, it can be extremely difficult to identify these initial problems information.  Solutions that seem to work at one time may habituate into deeply rooted problems if allowed to, much like weeds in a garden.  If actively worked on, it can become healthy and thriving even if growing all new plants.  If not consistently worked on, it is likely to be overtaken by weeds and suffer significant damage.  With enough of a positive outlook and attitude, these therapeutic 2020 “practices” processes, can be undertaken enjoyably, as long as the tools are applied consistently.  So, habituation works.  The machine of habit formation works both ways.

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Rafael Parra is an expert in anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, family therapy and more. He has helped professional working men and women for over 14 years.




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